The Dilemma of Knowing

Knowledge is a powerful thing. It can also be crippling and scary. Knowing how to speak, write, and walk are among some of the most important things to know in the grand scheme of life. Knowing that the ways of the world have always been dark and self centered is terrifying. It’ll make you question the motives of fighting for better days—this liberation has never come. Though there have been strides for the better and exodus of the marginalized, there are always lulls that result in more stagnation and oppression. Knowing this is heartbreaking. It can put one into a dilemma.

Sometimes I battle with wanting to be a beacon of change or a pawn in the game of life. Both hurt. Neither result in the satisfaction of common good.

Weight your options. Do you want to live with purpose or waste time fixed on things that benefit no one? Find your path and stick to it. Even when life hurts. There’s beauty in this thing—find it!

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