August 2017

August 20th, 2017- Finished/Submitted Application for Peace Corps

October 2017

October 6th, 2017-Reference #1 Submitted Reference

October 13th, 2017- Phone Interview

October 24th, 2017- Reference #2 Submitted Reference

December 2017

December 6th, 2017- PC extended invitation to serve (I accept the invite that same day)

December 7th-8th, 2017- Next step emails were sent

December 18th, 2017- Background Investigation initiated

December 22nd, 2017- Sent in passport and passport application

December 27th, 2017- Passport was received by PC Washington

January 2018

January 4th, 2018- All medical task finished

February 2018 

February 1st, 2018- New medical task to complete were given

March 2018

March 8th, 2018-Received medical and dental clearance

March 30th, 2018- Sent updated resume

April 2018 

April 21st, 2018- Chicago invitee send off celebration party (met another volunteer)

May 2018 

May 9th, 2018- Learned that my passport was issued/approved in January

May 12th, 2018- Completed all onboarding task

May 23, 2018- Completed Learning Space courses

May 31st, 2018- Booked staging flight to Miami through Sato Travel

June 2018 

June 4th, 2018- Recieved legal clearance -All task complete!

July 2018 

July 10th, 2018- Departed from Chicago to Miami for staging

July 11th, 2018- Departed from Miami to St. Lucia for PST

August 2018 

August 14th, 2018- Assigned to serve in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

August 16th, 2018- Departed from St. Lucia to St. Vincent

August 20th, 2018- Phase 2 of PST

August 24th, 2018- Evacuated from St. Vincent and the Grenadines to St. Lucia

September 2018

September 4th, 2018- Sent to Grenada to Assist in Schools Along Side Other Volunteers and Swear In

September 6th, 2018- Sworn in as a PCV in Grenada

September 8th, 2018- Sent Back to the USA for Two Weeks Post SVG Evacuation

September 24th, 2018- Quiet Return to St. Vincent and the Grenadines into Original Community

October 2018

October 5th, 2018- Applied to Serve on the ICD&I Committee

October 26th, 2018- Invitation Extended to Serve on the ICD&I Committee (accepted)

December 2018

December 24th, 2018- Visit Back Home to Chicago

January 2019

January 4th, 2019- Return from Vacation Back to Community

January 23, 2019- Brownies Lesson about Sex and Puberty

January 28th- February 1st, 2019- ELP Workshop

February 2019 

February 5th-8th, 2019- In-Service Training (IST)



TBA- End of Service