Welcome to my Ghetto Oasis

Marginalized people all around the world are trusted into less desirable parts of cities and towns. These areas are typically referred to as slums and ghettos. The negatives that come with poverty are almost always the fascinations of these areas. The focus on violence and destruction hypnotizes us and molds our views of the ghetto. It is very rare that we talk about the power and innovation that come from marginalized people. In my life, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and learning from Hood Alchemists, Badass Brujas, and Magical Mommys. All of which, regardless of their immediate circumstances, found an oasis within the ghetto. Hince my business name! Ghetto Oasis is all about finding the beauty within chaos, stillness within movement, and magic within doubt. Regardless of our circumstances, we hold power over our own lives and minds. Through the practices of manifestation, visualization, self-care, and shadow work we are able to walk into our power– the power so many of us were told never existed. I hope my products help you remember your power. Welcome to my Ghetto Oasis!