Stability, Adventure and Precautions

I’ve moved a lot in my life. By the age of twenty I had moved at least twenty times. I’m very comfortable in chaos. Nothing can really break me. I’ve seen and been through a lot in my twenty four years. However, I seek stability.

About two weeks ago the St. Vincent and Grenadines (SVG) crew and I were evacuated from SVG. This was due to a isolated security concern. I moved back to St. Lucia with only a duffle bag. This was an even bigger down size then what I already came with. The beginning of this week I was told that I would go to Grenada and do some work there until the situation in SVG was solved and we were safe. I have been working in a school in Grenada this past week. I even sworn in in Grenada. Yes, I am officially a Peace Corps volunteer. Yesterday I was giving the news that I must go back to the States for two weeks. After that brief time period I will return to the Caribbean. This is due to precautions that are being taken with our safety and security in mind. More updates when I can give them.

If you want to find me I’ll be back in Chicago for a little while. I’ll probably be eating Ethiopian food, taking photos and volunteering at my old yoga studio. Typical Shae things. I can’t wait to get back into the schools and interact with the beautiful boys and girls of the West Indies. I already miss the Caribbean and can’t wait to get my sense of stability here. The Caribbean, my new home, where my heart and all photography equipment is.

I shall return. The adventure has just begun. I love you EC!

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