Well hello there…

Hello world,

My name is Shaela Gilot. Everyone calls me Shae for short. I’m currently embarking on a new journey. I’d love it if you joined me.

Let me give you a quick synopsis to catch you up.

I am from Chicago. Born and raised. I am an artist. More specifically, I am a photographer.  I am the daughter of a Haitian immigrant and an American citizen. I am vegan. Social justice is what drives me to be better. I love yoga, running, crossfit and, all things physical. Traveling makes me happy. I love hiking. I don’t get to do it much but, when I do its amazing!

In June of 2017 I graduated college. I received my B.A. in African and Black Diaspora Studies from DePaul University. I attended Howard University for four years prior to finishing up my college career.

I’ve always wanted to join the Peace Corps. So, after graduating I applied. A year and some change later and my dream has come true. My host country is the Eastern Caribbean (specific island coming soon). My position is: Literacy Teacher. Soon I will be moving up from a Peace Corps Trainee (PCT for short) to a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV for short).

This blog is the hub for all things Shaela. I hope something catches your eye!


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